Why We Should Plant It Forward

Plant It Forward is a global network of green and sustainable businesspeople who are working to make the world a better place. Read on to learn about their mission, vision, and customers. You can also join their Facebook group or follow their Twitter account. For more information, please visit the websites listed below.

Plant It Forward’s mission

As part of its mission to empower refugees to be self-sufficient, Plant It Forward works with social and religious organizations to help refugees establish and operate sustainable urban farms in the Houston area. The nonprofit provides land, trains and mentors farmers and sells their produce under the Plant It Forward brand. Since incorporating in 2011, Plant It Forward has supported the development of seven farms and five acres of farmland in Houston.

The mission of the nonprofit is to provide land, tools, and seeds for refugees to start and operate their own farms. It also provides them with training on how to market their produce effectively. The refugees then sell their fresh produce at local farmers’ markets and restaurants. The success of these farms inspires other refugees to do the same.

Its mission

The plant-forward approach to food production has multiple benefits, including social, environmental, and financial goals, while ensuring the best possible tasting food. Advocates for this approach are found in every field, from health care professionals to restaurant owners. A poor diet contributes to four out of ten preventable deaths in the United States, and a shift to plant-based diets could reduce health care costs by $50 billion per year.

One of the most important areas for the plant-forward movement is the produce department. According to Marianne Santo, category manager of produce and floral at Wakefern Food Corp., the nation’s largest retailer-owned cooperative and the merchandising and distribution arm of ShopRite stores. “A good place to start is in the produce department,” Santo says.

Its customers

In a recent statement, Plant It Forward Farms announced record-breaking CSA subscription numbers. Their CSA memberships have doubled in the past two months, from 225 to 525. The growth of their CSA program demonstrates that many people are seeking new ways to secure fresh food.

Plant It Forward farms are located throughout the Houston area, and many of them have Farm Stands where you can purchase their produce. The farmers are happy to meet customers and chat about the local produce. These farms are a great place for the entire family to visit.

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