Trees have been shown to reduce crime in urban settings, and they are even more effective than green spaces. In fact, a study in Chicago found that crime rates decreased by 11.3% for battery, narcotics, and assaults when compared to areas with more tree canopy cover.

TREES promote kind and helpful behavior

One way to reinforce kind and helpful behavior in a school setting is through a kindness tree. This is a tree where students can hang up hearts that symbolize kindness. The tree also contains messages that encourage kindness. These messages are read during announcements, and students fill out compliment hearts and place them underneath the tree. In the fourth grade, students created a kindness tree in the gym and added colorful rainbows and flowers.

TREES reduce crime

A new study shows that trees reduce crime. It used aggregated crime data and high-resolution satellite imagery to determine the link between tree canopy and crime rates. The study found that planting and growing more trees reduces crime by a significant amount. In addition, trees help prevent crime by reducing precursors of crime.

The study found that urban greening creates safer outdoor spaces. The most important factor in this is visibility. In general, neighborhoods with larger trees have less crime than those with less foliage. The study also found that trees reduced gun violence by as much as 29 percent. In addition to crime reduction, trees also help in carbon sequestration.

Researchers at the University of Vermont found that planting 10% more trees reduces crime by 12% in Baltimore. They believe that the increased tree canopy tells criminals that the neighborhood is well-cared for and there is less room for crime. Keelonda Hunter, who lives on Greenwood Avenue, says trees will improve the neighborhood. UPS has already donated money to plant more trees on her street. The work is expected to be completed in 2021.

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