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Beer Brands Making an Impact in the World

There are many beer brands that are making an impact in the world. Amongst them are nova kombucha, Corona Extra, and Bud Light. These companies are all bringing innovative, creative, and high-quality products to consumers.

In addition, they are empowering people through their economic opportunities. These companies are also bringing their message to consumers through creative campaigns and advertising.

Nova Kombucha

Nova Kombucha is a brand that brings Latin influence to the fermentation process. It sources the best quality ingredients and avoids pasteurization and over-fermentation. This famous beer brand is naturally fermented without artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are designed to be easy to drink and packed with probiotics and nutrients.

Nova Kombucha is also gluten-free and vegan. These beverages are also offered in a variety of flavors. Some of these include Peach Lychee, Palo Santo Blueberry, and Ginger Lemon. Hard kombucha has become popular among consumers looking for a healthy alternative to alcoholic beverages. These drinks contain probiotics and electrolytes and are also refreshing in warm weather.

Corona Extra

The Corona Extra brand is also making waves in the beer industry. AB InBev’s Corona Extra is one of the top-selling imported beers in the US. The most enticing thing about the brand is that it’s not only available in the US. Corona is sold in over 120 countries and has the distinction of being the best-selling beer in Mexico.

Bud Light

Among the many beer brands making an impact in the world, Bud Light is one of the most popular. It is often seen in various settings, from frat parties to summer barbecues. It also has a special limited-edition packaging that pays tribute to 24 NFL teams.

Bud Light is available in various variants, including Bud Light Next, Bud Light Platinum, and Bud Light Seltzer. Each has a different flavor profile, but they all have one thing in common: they’re low in calories. 

Bud Light Next is a zero-carb beer, the first of its kind from Anheuser-Busch. The beer uses water, rice, and other ingredients to achieve its flavor. It’s also a lot lighter than its predecessor. It has a 4 percent alcohol content by volume and offers a hint of citrus flavor.

Asahi Breweries

Asahi Breweries is the seventh largest beer manufacturer in the world. It has a global market share of 3 percent. It’s also the fifth largest in Asia. Asahi Breweries produces a variety of beverages, including beer, soft drinks, spirits, and ciders. It accounts for about two-thirds of all alcohol consumed in Japanese bars.

Asahi is also active in environmental issues. The company is focused on lowering its carbon emissions. It has also taken initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of its packaging and containers.

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