Bookends of the Seed Story

The bookends of THE SEED STORY are seeds. These seeds, which resemble bookends on a bookcase, are the plot’s central theme. They serve as a metaphor for life. As the story unfolds, the story is reframed and the seeds take on new meaning. This story is both a beautiful and a poignant one. It has many elements that are worth contemplating and celebrating.

Diane Wilson’s novel

Diane Wilson’s novel THE Seed Story explores the connection between seeds and our lives. As a gardener, Wilson knew firsthand that seeds have a deep connection to Indigenous culture and history. As a result, she decided to write a book about them. Her novel offers readers an opportunity to learn more about seeds, their importance in our lives, and their role in tribal sovereignty.

Truelove Seeds

Truelove Seeds is a farm-based seed company that produces open-pollinated, culturally important seeds. These seeds are produced by small-scale urban and rural farmers who are dedicated to sustainable farming practices, cultural preservation, and community food sovereignty. Truelove Seeds’ business model enables 50 percent of its profits to go directly back to the growers.

Lynne Franks

Lynne Franks, the founder of the SEED women’s …

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Why We Should Plant It Forward

Plant It Forward is a global network of green and sustainable businesspeople who are working to make the world a better place. Read on to learn about their mission, vision, and customers. You can also join their Facebook group or follow their Twitter account. For more information, please visit the websites listed below.

Plant It Forward’s mission

As part of its mission to empower refugees to be self-sufficient, Plant It Forward works with social and religious organizations to help refugees establish and operate sustainable urban farms in the Houston area. The nonprofit provides land, trains and mentors farmers and sells their produce under the Plant It Forward brand. Since incorporating in 2011, Plant It Forward has supported the development of seven farms and five acres of farmland in Houston.

The mission of the nonprofit is to provide land, tools, and seeds for refugees to start and operate their own farms. It also provides them with training on how to market their produce effectively. The refugees then sell their fresh produce at local farmers’ markets and restaurants. The success of these farms inspires other refugees to do the same.

Its mission

The plant-forward approach to …

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Gardening Fundamentals

Gardening Fundamentals is a book that will help you understand the basics of gardening. This book covers several different topics, including Plants, Soil Health, Pruning, and Watering. You’ll also learn how to choose the right plants for your climate and garden design. It was written by a Master Gardener who grows over three thousand different varieties of plants.


Plants need enormous amounts of direct sunlight, the right amount of water at the right time, and very healthy soil to thrive. The best way to think of sunlight in a gardening context is to compare it to electricity for our household appliances. If electricity were unavailable, we would not be running our vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaner cleaners, wondering why our lasagna didn’t cook, or why our hair dryer didn’t work.

Soil health

Soil is alive with microbes and contributes to plant health and soil pH. It also recycles nutrients and suppresses plant pests. Soil health is important for plant health and is measured by how well it functions. Soil health measures three of the basic properties of soil: its organic matter, moisture, and pH. These properties can be affected by the gardening practices you use.


Proper …

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Trees have been shown to reduce crime in urban settings, and they are even more effective than green spaces. In fact, a study in Chicago found that crime rates decreased by 11.3% for battery, narcotics, and assaults when compared to areas with more tree canopy cover.

TREES promote kind and helpful behavior

One way to reinforce kind and helpful behavior in a school setting is through a kindness tree. This is a tree where students can hang up hearts that symbolize kindness. The tree also contains messages that encourage kindness. These messages are read during announcements, and students fill out compliment hearts and place them underneath the tree. In the fourth grade, students created a kindness tree in the gym and added colorful rainbows and flowers.

TREES reduce crime

A new study shows that trees reduce crime. It used aggregated crime data and high-resolution satellite imagery to determine the link between tree canopy and crime rates. The study found that planting and growing more trees reduces crime by a significant amount. In addition, trees help prevent crime by reducing precursors of crime.

The study found that urban greening creates safer outdoor spaces. The most important factor in this is visibility. …

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Planting A Tree For A Lifetime Of Benefits

Planting a tree is an investment in a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being a beautiful symbol, trees absorb carbon dioxide and reduce flooding. They can live for hundreds of years, which means you are not only providing for your family but also for the future generations.

Investing in a tree is an investment in a healthy lifestyle

Trees are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and provide numerous benefits. Public and private investment in trees is a great way to improve the environment and improve the health of your community. Besides providing health benefits, trees are also an important investment in the local economy. The benefits of trees are numerous and the return on investment is high. However, it is important to know how to invest wisely and properly.

It is a symbol of commitment to the environment

Investing in a tree is a great way to protect the environment for generations to come. Trees help to clean the air by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide. In return, they release oxygen. Trees also absorb pollutants and odors. Some of these pollutants include ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and ozone. Studies have …

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